The Early Years

by Manhole

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pizz67 It‘ s so fucking straight honest just kickn off ass Favorite track: Verdict.
Constantine Jones
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Constantine Jones Loved My Ruin since I was a kid in small town East TN & Brutal Language blew my head open. More than a wicked throwback, these tracks showcase Ms. B's versatility from the very beginning as a woman more than capable of (& unafraid to) howl against state & societal hypocrisy & domestic violence with a voice just as perfectly suited to hip hop / hardcore / spoken word / metal all at once--sometimes even on the same track. Favorite track: Break the Silence. "NO FIRE ESCAPE IN HELL" -- damn right. Favorite track: Break The Silence.
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In The House 00:43
IN THE HOUSE (introduction) Manhole's in the motherfucking house And you know we gonna wreck shit Manhole's in the house motherfuckers So you know we gonna check shit Yeah and this is how we coming.....
Mama Don't 02:40
MAMA DON'T Jordan Downs is where young mama lives And she takes what the government gives It ain't much but she seems to splurge Get it on the 1st and it's gone by the 3rd She got a daughter age 6 But she don't care, all she want is that fix Between the 3rd & the 15th Mama beating her down, like Leon Sphinx She can't help it, she's caught in a trap And it's crack that got her acting like that Child abuse, stop it she won't And got her little girl crying out... Mama don't But mama won't Now just the other night I heard a scream for mama don't Mama don't please....but mama won't See mama's on crack, a fact, that's how it's done When she's on crack she get a strap to beat her son Not to reprimand him, mold him or scold him Seems she really wanna fold him The next day, she'll bandage him up Sit him on her knee, say she's sorry, like that's enough But that's okay cuz he's a male child Plus, the way he see it, she'll get hers in a little while If she keep on picking on him Kicking on him But I don't think she won't So please... Mama don't! But mama won't Yeah, this is going out to all you mothers.... Mama got a hold of some bad dope Now her brain is gone and she just can't cope Little daughter, jetting and running Mama with the hot iron kept on coming Soon she graduated from a strap to a bat Son saw it coming and he grabbed that gat Don't hit me again mama please, I'mma hurt you And that's real, can we make a deal? But what comes around goes around He pointed the gun and mama was down You won't understand, you either do or you don't But if not, mama won't so mama don't Mama don't Mama don't Mama don't Mama don't Word to you mothers and mothers to be.
Take 04:23
TAKE Take..... Another night, another fight and he's drunk and You're at home after going to the club and You don't even know if what he's saying is real Maybe it's the liquor telling you how he feels Now here's the deal, you can't be silent Cuz the alcohol is making him violent And nobody knows what he does to you behind closed doors Your business is yours But I'm gonna tell you like this, you let it happen once And it'll happen for months Maybe years and plenty of tears will be shed He'll say he's sorry in bed But that bed will burn if it was my turn, forget the remedies I go to extremities While you sit and let him hit you cuz you're too damn blind What's it gonna take to make up your mind What's it gonna take What's it gonna take What's it gonna take What's it gonna....take Now your friends say...what's it gonna take to make up your mind You say...damn, sorry for taking up your time You don't listen or at least you pretend you don't Say you're gonna leave him but they all know you won't You understand what's really going on right A woman can't beat a man in a fair fight Or maybe she can if you would just leave him But he tells you he's sorry and you believe him He gotta sweat you every time you think that things are getting better His attitude is just like the weather And weather of not he's in a good mood is keeping you guessin' And learning your lesson But you've been taught - fought til you're black and blue What's it gonna take to get through to you What's it gonna take to get through to you What's it gonna take What's it gonna take What's it gonna take What's it gonna....take You say you love me but you don't even know me You say you need me but you just wanna own me You say without you I ain't gonna make it But I ain't gonna take it I ain't gonna take it I ain't gonna take it I ain't gonna take it Now he told you that he ain't gonna drink and you trusted him But he busted in Threw you down on the floor and he got rough Push comes to show what's love... Got to do with it Love ain't supposed to hurt Black & blue now you can't even wear a skirt You don't flirt but still he accuses And that's how you get your bruises But you got excuses for him and what happens...why Say you fell, now that's a damn lie Get rid of that punk motherfucker while you can (girl) And get a real man Better yet get a gun to protect you Cuz he doesn't respect you And if you gotta take him out before he takes you What's it gonna take to make you What's it gonna take What's it gonna take What's it gonna take What's it gonna....take
REST IN PEACE 357 point blank another tricky Smith & Wesson To the head....another street lesson Testing the patience of a thug "G" Its an eye for an eye are ya down for your homie Is how it starts not a heart or soul in sight Start the car, load the clip and it's a drive by Cruise, the coolest of the crew Know whatcha gotta do, can't sleep Now's the time to creep 4 deep now the cops peep gang affiliation in the lowride It's a slow ride 2 shots to the dome but you dropped your chrome In front of the punks home Now you're handcuffed, roughed up, being read your rights Not a homie in sight So you take it like a man, no gun in your hand but at least The motherfucker rests in peace Rest in peace Fingerprinted, mugshots not the cell door's locked from the crime Nothing to do but clock time Kick it with the set, can't forget number one It ain't where you at, it's where you from Hold the guard, wave the card Strollin' down the main yard like a star and always lookin' hard So a set won't sweat you, homies respect you And only you can protect you Now check it, got a kid lookin' at you like a hero Nothing but a zero Take another look, he's tryna be a copy, a wannabee, sloppy "Can't nobody drop me" Is what he's steady saying as he tries to fight In the middle of the night but never saw the daylight Cuz when it comes down to it, the gangster speech Let him rest in peace Now he rests in peace And you zip that body bag Now 8 years pass and you're out paroled A different man but the streets are still cold And old vets don't forget, sweat and they know it So you better not show it Without your glock, you're on the wrong block better chill See the brother of the motherfucker you killed And he's been true to the game, knows your name Knows you got a little brother and could have done the same But he's been waiting for you with his eyes swollen Picture of his brother in his pocket, he's holding Growing older and colder by the day Not it's a minute to die, a second to pray So you say to him you're sorry but he don't give a fucker clucker Payback's a motherfucker And the cycle keeps going as your little brother irons his crease Straps his in peace Rest in peace Initiated to rest in peace And that's how it goes...
RESPECT YOURSELF Yeah....coming at ya from the City of Los Angeles Home of the motherfuckin' Manhole...straight up! And we're out to set the record straight cuz when you're living in a city with sexism, racism, drug abuse and violence.... You only have one thing left. And that's your self respect! Now here's a strong topic, I'mma drop it so relate to it You can't stop it, so be afraid of it The government's taking advantage, doing damage While we sit back, relax, unwilling to face facts Like HIV positive could be me You, he, she or we Think about it....who's controlling the masses While you're looking through your rose colored glasses At a world with fear, disease we deny But millions have died, you wanna know why? Cause they've got the cure like cancer Ask the questions but you get no answer And the death toll takes its coarse The choice is yours with your health Respect yourself! You gotta respect yourself You gotta respect yourself Now let me tell you 'bout a girl I know named Sherry Cuz the story is scary... She was a good girl, from a good family A mom, a dad, a brother, a sister, see.... They were upper middle class. green grass A couple of cars, nice house and all that Now don't blab it but Sherry had a habit Every night she'd take her arm and she'd stab it Was addicted and nothing could save her From the needle that a dealer gave her gave her Damn what a drug can do to you Are you listening am I getting through to ya She no longer had a job cause nobody respected her Or a home cause her family rejected her All of this because of somebody else It ain’t worth it....respect yourself! You gotta respect yourself You gotta respect yourself Kick in the drums cause here comes the real deal Your man is beating you down, now how do you feel? Like nothing, yeah so get tough and… Tell him you’re gonna leave him, I mean without bluffin' You’re getting used and abused, you got nothing to lose But your life, think about it cause one night He may take it, before It’s too late to get help Respect your damn self! What? What you mean you don't know? C'mon You know what's right You know what's wrong Now's it's time to be strong You know what's right You know what's wrong Now's it's time to be strong You know what's right You know what's wrong Now's it's time to be strong You know what's right You know what's wrong Now's it's time to be strong
WHITE NIGHTMARE You'll find in the mind of a serial killer You're fill a horror, still a sorta Cool, calm, smooth, yet strong reality Naturally born into brutality Sick and twisted, her mind is gifted Fatal thoughts, that can't be lifted Pretty on the outside, witty and charming Inside, insane...disarming! White nightmare! On a killing spree America's set up so they get away free White nightmare! On a killing spree Can't stop cuz the killer's in me White nightmare! On a killing spree American's set up so they get away free White nightmare! On a killing spree Can't stop cuz the killer's in... Now imagine a girl in size Five feet, seven inches, black hair and green eyes All the blood she sees don't faze her The media made her, you can't blame her Programmed perfect, perfecting her crime As seen on TV, time after time Born bad, pretty on the outside But inside insane, she'll remain... My nightmare Inflicting pain White nightmare No! There is no escaping here Eenie meenie, minie moe Catch a redneck by the toe If he hollers, let him go Don't let him, don't let him, don't let him go Forgive me Father, for I have sinned Its been 2 weeks since my last confession Hail Mary, Mother of God Pray for us sinners Now and in the moment of our death C'mon get em.... White nightmare! On a killing spree America's set up so they get away free White nightmare! On a killing spree Can't stop what you can't see White nightmare! On a killing spree American's set up so they get away free White nightmare! Now you've been warned Another Mallory Knox is...born! And when they come here and they ask you who done this, you tell em Manhole motherfucker, 1995 straight up NBK, the real natural born killaz!
BREAK THE SILENCE Silence is deadly Yo kick the real shit... Night after night he tells her he loves her Tucks her in, under the covers When the lights go out he starts to change Daddy acts strange He starts to touch her in places he shouldn't And didn't before cuz he couldn't But mommy's at work in a tight little mini skit Doesn't know that her little girl's being hurt So every day she gets a little more bratty Uncontrollable thanks to daddy But you can't blame her cuz nobody's taught her To tell on her father An he keeps telling her don't tell, so she won't tell No fire escape in hell No fire escape in hell No fire escape in hell No fire escape in hell Kick the drama Bobby's got a daddy who's a real nice man And doesn't raise his hand To spank him, only thanks him for being a good son A job well done But something's wrong when it comes to Bobby's mother He doesn't love her In fact he likes to smack her and attack her And her eyes get blacker By the Bobby prays to God in heaven But he's only eleven And he can't help his mommy and he can't tell No fire escape in hell No fire escape in hell No fire escape in hell No fire escape in hell That's right, it's 1994 And we're coming at you hardcore Cuz it's up to you to stop the violence Break that silence Break the silence Now the child abuse has left a stain Home sweet home is a house of pain You remain blind to the subject So I go public And make you face a voice that speaks the clearest Daddy dearest "You can't touch me" she says she'll tell Her only escape from hell No fire escape in hell No fire escape in hell No fire escape in hell Break the silence Break the silence
Verdict 04:44
VERDICT It's a lyrical beatdown.... Thinking 'bout the city burning going down in flames Today they're reading the names Of the guilty cops the buck stops here But where'd it stop last year When it was tried, denied even though they caught it all on tape Another human rights rape That managed to escape the justice system like a set up But the people are fed up Tired...LA's on fire...a gun for hire Darryl Gates was a liar Now there's a riot going on strong We've been taking this shit for too long And cops are dirty in this town, down with each other Don't give a fuck about a brother or a mother Whether black or white (yeah) You ain't the LAPD you ain't right Officer Bill got a license to kill and harass you Now let me ask you Does that sound right? Wrong! Pump that Ice T song! Put the 4 where they all belong I wasn't scared, I was prepared and now that I heard it Yo, fuck that verdict! Yo, fuck that verdict! Goddamn! Somebody must have had this madness planned Another explicit lyric banned So I'mma start this with tales from the darkest side And a lyrical hoo ride With a flurry of buckshot pointed at a punk cop named Wynn And let the shit begin Original sin, can't let em rest in peace Until the bad Lieutenants cease To exist with a slap on the wrist for doing a crime And do some hard time Like an eye for an eye, a Denny for a King Cuz it's all the same thing And I swing low, solo, go for what I know And yeah, Briseno Was down with the crew to the break of dawn and into the next day You better check that x-ray Or the video again and then you'll see Powell & Koon weren't the only pigs that beat Rodney down in the street and now that I heard it Motherfuck that verdict! Yo, fuck that verdict! Damn! I'm sweatin' like a white woman watching the motherfucking Reginold Denny Trial. Sometimes I don't understand... The land of the brave, home of the free Is it just me? My country tis of thee Sweet land of liberty Of the I fight, stereotype I don't unite the black and white So don't believe that fucking hype I've got the right to chose The right to use Freedom of speech to express my views Now I see fists, people pissed Cops that got slaps on the wrists Fuck this! 7 O' Clock in the morning and they're warning us Not to leave our house, the verdicts out And at first, we all start cheering Not too clear on what we're hearing Sounds like a cops didn't get off Bit off...more than they could chew But in reality two are better than none Had to be done Cuz they couldn't discredit the testimonies or edit The's a ist full of rage I take the stage with a 12 gauge And watch my back, not black, payback, I'm paid Dealing with the hate tht gates made A radical poet, I know it Without a solution To end the abusing Making the cops with nerve protect and serve the citizens Now Willie Williams Got the job as chief but I got beef with the ruling Cops ain't fooling me, my eyes see And when my ears heard it I said fuck that verdict! Yo, fuck that verdict Yeah....motherfuck that verdict!
Manhole 03:01
MANHOLE I see it all from the street Peep the deep shit going down around me Can't clown me Or drown me In the tears of a mother crying From her young son dying Lying in the gutter with a bullet in his dome Took the long way home Caught a stray It wasn't meant to happen Couldn't control the cappin' So I'm rappin' about what I see While you preach non violence Living in silence Among the riots Hear no evil, see no evil We the people Pleased the fifth Rip the ruffneck tone And once again it's on With the shot of a gun as the sun sets low Down in the Manhole Now you're up At the crack of dawn But the crack aint gone it goes on and on So you bomb your name Tag the wall Brag to your friends how you're making your ends Jack a Benz And now you want a jeep to roll deep What you get is 6 feet In the ground cuz he wasn't down For giving his ride up To a punk clown Drop your gat fool, time to school ya And your mama won't admit she knew ya Gangsters got no heart ike they got no soul Down in the Manhole Now take em deeper Deeper a little bit deeper Now on the down low from the Manhole Homegirl don't watch no channel zero Fuck a hero, I'm a bad bitch An angry mad bitch Full of anguish, check the language Don't ask you to understand it Planned it like a bandit so before you get bloody Better ask somebody I've seen women fucked up, sucked up Drinks and downed em, let men clown em Socked em, knocked em up and left em Quiet as kept em, wrecked em So I check em, ruffneck em Disrespect em and neglect em Cuz I take no shit when I roll I'm down with the Manhole Now you're down with the Manhole


While going through my rock vault, I came across a few old school cassette tape demos from our early years that brought back nostalgic memories of playing our first shows in└A from 93-95. Those days were so transformative when I was navigating my new path to rock from rap and learning how to channel my voice as an activist. I blazed my own underground trail in the male dominated world of metal touching on subjects that I felt it necessary to address at the time and I never apologized. I wanted to share these with you to accompany "All Is Not Well" because they go hand in hand.

These songs which have been digitized from cassette to mp4 wave files are a FREE DOWNLOAD to add to your Manhole / Tura Satana / My Ruin collection of recordings as my gift to you for the new year. If you choose to make a donation in the name of art, I appreciate the rock love & support. It's been fun revisiting these albums after so many years. I hope you feel the same way I do. Please share with anyone you know who might enjoy these recordings too.

No matter what incarnation my various projects take (from hip hop to heavy metal) when it comes to my art, I will always stay true to myself and follow my heart. Thank you for continuing to be with me on my musical journey from past to present day. May we never grow apart.

🖤💋 🤘🏻


released January 18, 1993

Lyrics by Tairrie B
Music by Scott Ueda & Manhole
Vocals - Tairrie B.
Guitar - Scott Ueda
Bass - Rico Villasenor
Drums - Marcelo Palomino


all rights reserved



Manhole Los Angeles, California

More Feared Than Loved.└A 93 - 96 "Manhole are quite possibly the angriest band in history." - Kerrang Magazine

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